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More than 60 years of pump design, development and manufacturing with the feedback of thousands Toyo pumps applications constitute the experience of Toyo, the leader in heavy duty slurry pumps with agitator.

Throughout the world, Toyo pumps have established their reputation for reliability, cost effective operation and customer satisfaction. Today, the production takes place in two main factories in Japan and, for specific series, in Belgium and Canada.

Toyo Pumps Europe is in charge of marketing, sales and service for Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

The Toyo pump system was specially designed to pump solids that have settled out of fluid suspension, the very situation in which conventional pumps fail.

The rotating cutter blades of Toyo’s patented built in agitator move up to 70% solids by weight into the impeller. Toyo heavy slurry pumps are built to stand up to the most abrasive applications. They can move material in applications that were not previously considered pumpable and at less cost than conventional methods.

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